Tomorrow, We Travel

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our site, but a lot has been going on.  Over the past year we have purchased and prepped the computers, procured the furniture from generous donations, and secured the money to complete the building from donations of amazing people, churches, organizations and businesses.  We packed the computers, equipment and furniture into a container and shipped it to Ghana in February.  Last week, the container arrived in Ghana and its contents have been trucked to Abesewa for installation.

Tomorrow, our installation team heads to Ghana.  Jim Arant, Bobby Gordon, Danny Chamblee and Geoff Coston (Me) board our plane in Columbia at 2:45 PM and will arrive in Accra, Ghana at 8:00 AM on Tuesday.  We will spend the following seven hours, or so, driving to Sunyani, Ghana, our base camp for our mission. On Wednesday, we will begin to change the lives of thousands of Ghanaians through our gift of the library and technology center.  I will be posting daily video updates on our Facebook page as we travel from South Carolina to Ghana to do our small part to change the world.  Follow us at @UMCSCINGHANA on Facebook.

With God, All things are possible!