Heading Home

We came here to learn about things we need to do to accomplish our task – to build an Information Technology Center in Abesewa, Ghana.  After today, I think we will have knowledge to make good, informed decisions, check.

I came away with much more.  New friends:

  • Charlie and Mary Kay Jackson – who have been the most gracious hosts in the midst of Dumsor (Ghana for off-on), a time when electric power is turned off and on – many times without notice.  Charlie was without power for the two days we were traveling.
  • Bishop Kofi Asare Bediako – a wonderful leader  and servant – very gracious and has not let his status go to his head.
  • The many people with whom we met – they gave us counsel and have helped in so many ways to advance our project.  From the teachers and technicians to the staff, administrators and vendors.
  • The people of Abesewa – the children of the schools are especially impressive.  The adults are gracious and Godly.  They all are the reason for the project.

I am impressed with the people of Ghana.  They are determined to survive.  They will do what they must to survive.  They will do what they must do to live.  They are strong.


Today, I saw hope

imageToday, I saw hope.  I had a chance to see beautiful young people who have hope because of what we are doing.  You can see despair in the eyes of the street vendors – no joy, no hope.    But, in the eyes of the young students at Abesewa Junior High, you can see hope.

We are offering hope!

I find it hard to accept appreciation when I feel so blessed.

Thanks be to God!

Kwaku Jim

(Kwaku means Wednesday – the day on which I was born.  In Ghanan, your full name often includes the day of the week on which you were born)

From Despair to Hope

Today, I saw people who lived day-to-day, street vendors who peddled their wares from the top of their heads.  Day after day they walk back and forth along the road selling anything from water, different kinds of produce and other items you would not expect to see in remote Ghana.  Day by day, minute by minute, is how they survive.  No plans for a future.  No hope.

Together in Christ,