Our First Full Day in Ghana – Expanded

Sunday, December 6, 2015.  Now that I have better Internet speed, I can be a little more detailed about our first full day.

When we walk outside for the first time in daylight, we notice the sky is very hazy.  This is due to a phenomenon known as Harmattan.  This is when trade winds pick up dust from the Sahara desert and blow them across west Africa from November to February.


After a filling breakfast, we head off to Church with Mary Kay, Charlie, their helper, Gifty, and her two children.  It was an amazing service where Jim and I were recognized and made to feel at home.  The service was very similar to a contemporary worship service in the states, with music of celebration and meditation.  It was an exciting day for the church as they introduced their new pastor.


After a lunch of rice and fish and chicken, we were on the road to Kumasi.


So, you know those action movies where the cars are flying down the road zipping in and out of traffic and nearly colliding with oncoming traffic?  Welcome to Ghana, where that is the normal way of driving.  They have developed a form of communication between the drivers through flashing lights and honking horns where they all seem to know what the other driver is going to do.  While we saw a few wrecked cars that had obviously been on the side of the road for months, we never actually saw a wreck in the hundreds of miles we drove in Ghana.

There seems to be a village about every 10-20 miles or so, where you have the opportunity to slow down (thanks to the hundreds of strategically-placed speed bumps) and purchase food, water or crafts from vendors along the roadway.



After a long day, we finally arrived at Kumasi, where we stayed at the Freeman Center – a Methodist conference center.  The rooms were very similar to hotel rooms in the states, with air-conditioning and hot water.  We had dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant.  This rather upscale meal cost around 30 Cedi – about $8.00.  Off to bed to prepare for the next day.




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    really interesting, Geoff. thanks for the update.

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